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Our Price Information For A Starter Web Site
**prices starting as low as the following
1 Page HOME/index - Main Page $75
2 Pages HOME + Information Page $125
3 Pages HOME + Pricing + Services $150
Add to Page Logos ~ Graphics
- as low as -
$10 (each)
Add to Page Lists ~ Forms ~ Scripts...
Special Pages Photo Gallery;
Video Clips...
A single page web site, ready for the internet for as little as $75
Your own company web site for the world to see for under $150
Additional Services Included** with Every Web Site We Create
We can take care of your web site development on the internet from start to finish

**with every site that adds a 1 year web site maintenance plan for the next year
Connect To Top 15 Search Engines FREE
Web Site Tracking Statistics FREE
FTP File Up Loading FREE
Custom Favicon Creation
Training to Maintain Your Web site FREE
Also Available ~ Site Maintenance
All web site maintenance plans include basic text
and image changes for all existing pages on your web site
Maintenance Plan Coverage Monthly Fee Annual Cost Total
MPYear 1 Year @ $15.00 / month = $180.00 full year $180
MPMonth One Month* @ $49.00 = $49.00/ month as needed $49
Our Web Site Maintenance plan has No limits 2-3-10++ changes per week, every week
no matter how many changes in colors, fonts, text or images... providing your site up to date information.

*MPMonth: Single Month Plan only covers the 1 month you select,
if any additional site maintenance is done after that month,
an additional month will be charged @ $49
All changes/additions beyond basic services provided by CCU are not included
Maintaining a web site isn't Rocket Science or the need to have a Harvard Degree.
We can show you how to make any updates or changes yourself 'FREE'
or we can maintain your web site for you on a cost per change basis...
Call us or e-mail to review what we can do for you ( and that's FREE Too ! )
~ Prices Subject to Change Without Notice ~ Call for current prices ~
Our annual web site billing is for Jan 1st to Dec. 31st and is not pro-rated or pay as you go
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with Images; Slide-Shows; Forms & more

Today the internet is the #1 place people search for everything
and if your company is not out here, you are losing a lot of customers.
Connell Creations Unlimited can design and create a web site for you
that's better than a ¾ page ad in a Phone Book or Magazine working 24 / 7

The more you are able to provide us, the better we can serve you to create your site to your satisfaction and the less expensive the design will cost. Before we begin, details of your site will be reviewed and finalized.
A price estimate and contract will be agreed upon and a time will be set to schedule it's production.
Usually a week is set aside and dedicated to designing your site. During our process of creation,
you will be sent example updates of your site in progress via email to review.
25% of the price will be required up front and is nonrefundable.

**NOTE: We can help you get Domain Registry and Hosting for your new web site
at no charge from CCU. Fees for their services may include an additional
one time SET UP charge for your first year only by the Server/Host

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Phone: (586) 779-4710
contact via Skype,
My Username: ccuvideo


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