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School & Church Events
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The day our children start school, the new events begin.
Today, children have more than one graduation. In some schools
Kindergarten even has a graduation service. And it's not just
graduations, don't forget sports and music departments
have special events too. Our most remembered school event is
High School Graduation. This can be done as a group taping and
your cost can be the price of 1 copy of the video.

Here are some school events to keep in mind:

Sports Games
Stage Plays
Class Reunions
Fund Raisers

and many more.


Many things take place at your church other than worship and prayer.
Your Church provides you with many planned programs.
They range from Baptismal Ceremonies, Musicals and Plays
just to name a few. Everyone who is part of the event
misses out on what took place.
Our most remembered Church events are 1st Communions.
This can be done as a Church group project
and the cost can be the price of 1 copy of the video.

Here are some Church events to keep in mind:

1st Communions
Church Plays
Fund Raisers

and many more.

Addition Information

Many School and Church events are Professionally Video Taped
as a group project that can be done by us 'FREE'...

*FREE ... OK, What's The Catch?

Sure, NOTHING in life is totally free.
But we can video tape many school and church events FREE.
And the school or church gets a FREE COPY of the event.
Now 'The Catch'.

All you need to do is get a minimum number
of paid pre-orders for videos of your event in advance.
"That's All It Takes!"

Special Events cover many areas, select below for more details
Weddings |  Stage Events |  School / Church |  Parties

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